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Marlene is anxious to help anyone who has any prayer requests.  Please feel free to share your own prayer request by clicking here.

Marlene has seen and experienced events that can only be described as miracles. As she describes in her Tribute to Mother Teresa she fell down the steps at her daughter Maureen’s home in Utah. Maureen, who is a nurse, and her sister, Teresa found her mother at the bottom of the steps and not breathing for 4 minutes. Marlene had no pulse and was not breathing until her daughter turned her over. Blood came pouring out of Marlene as the paramedics were on their way. The injuries:

  • Fractured Skull
  • Cranial facial fracture
  • Fractured elbow
  • Fractured hip
  • Brain hematoma

Her daughters called Marlene’s brother, Msgr. John Esseff in Pennsylvania. While Marlene lay in her hospital bed, Msgr. told Maureen and Teresa to hold the telephone next to their Mom’s ear. He prayed for her and gave his sister a blessing. He made immediate arrangements to fly to Utah to be at Marlene’s bedside. Msgr. John prayed without stopping for four days to Mother Teresa, asking her to intercede to God for his sister. Marlene came out of the coma, unable to see, but recognized her brother’s voice, asking “Where am I? And what are you doing here Father John?” He comforted her and kept reassuring her that she would soon be well.

Gradually, with her family praying daily at her bedside, her sight returned. Then X-rays showed that the brain hematoma had disappeared. Each day brought hope, as prayers continued. Though in casts and unable to move, slowly Marlene began to heal.

When Marlene left the hospital six week later, much to the amazement of the doctors and nurses, each scheduled surgery, the one for her eyes, her elbow and her hip were not performed. Each time they got ready for the surgery new x-rays showed they were already healing.

In a time where it seems only the worst things are told, this site would like to provide a place where people can share their own amazing stories, bringing hope and inspiration to those who read them. Wouldn’t you like to tell us a story of healing, of something good that has happened to you or, of how your life has been touched by someone in a special way.

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