Share in the blessing of songs inspired by Mother Teresa or the comforting grace of many familiar hymns and celebrate the joy of Christmas songs in the gifted voice of Marlene T. Elias on these six Compact Disc or Cassette Album releases.  Click here to view her music selections.

Mother Teresa Prayer Card

This is an autographed prayer card of Mother Teresa saying her rosary and a prayer she wrote to Mary.

Price: $2.95  (S&H included)

Mother Teresa Memorial Book

The Mother Teresa Memorial Book contains: priceless pictures taken by Marlene including the amazing “The Rainbow Picture” taken inside the church the day before Mother’s funeral, as Marlene was singing to Mother. The photo, when developed, displayed a rainbow that began at the altar and ended right on Mother’s heart.

The booklet also contains stories written by Marlene and many heart warming glimpses of Mother Teresa, including letters from Mother to Marlene. This collectors edition will bring joyful memories of Mother Teresa, from their first meeting in Calcutta to the Beatification ceremonies in Rome.

Price: $16.95 (S&H included)

Mother Teresa and the Beggar Photo

This photo of Mother and the Beggar is one Marlene took as she was getting ready to leave Calcutta on her first visit. A knock was heard at the door of the Motherhouse. When Mother opened the door, this beggar was standing there. A smile appeared on his face as he looked into the face of Mother Teresa. His hand was outstretched seeking food. Mother’s hand was held out to him. It was a grace-filled moment in time. Marlene saw the Face of Jesus in this beggar and it seems that the beggar saw Jesus in Mother’s face. This photo inspired her to write the song, Am I My Brother’s Keeper? Mother asked her to sing this and See Jesus at her funeral. This photo, which appeared on the cover of CGA World Magazine, was chosen Best Single Photo – Color winner in the 1992 Catholic Press Association Journalism Award. It also graced the cover of Columbia Magazine.

4″x6″ Photo
Price: $2.95
(S&H included)
5″x7″ Photo
Price: $4.95
(S&H included)
8″x10″ Photo
Price: $7.95
(S&H included)

Mother Teresa Bookmark – Palm of My Hand

Price: $2.00 (S&H included)

Mother Teresa “Love to Pray” 4×6 Prayer Card

Price: $2.95 (S&H included)